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Roofing Canberra

Operating successfully as a local roofing company for more than 10 years.

For over a decade, Frontier Roofing has established itself as the most valued and trusted Canberra Roof Repairs Service by the local community. We provide all roofing Canberra services, from roofing repairs, roofing restorations, and roofing repaint or respray for your residential or commercial property. Our services are very affordable, reliable and delivered on time and within budget.
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About Us

We're one of the local leading roofing experts in all types of repairs and restorations.

Bon has sought to provide a reliable and trustworthy Canberra Roof Repairs service. Frontier Roofing has an expert team of highly experienced and licensed roofers who’s portfolio boasts a versatile and wide ranging history of exquisite and gorgeous roofing finishes. Our team will seek to build trust with you from the get-go for whatever roofing repair or project for your residential or commercial property.

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Our Roofing Canberra Services


Call us on 1800 841 755 to chat to one of our friendly roofers about any of our roofing services!

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Our team of roofers specialise in fixing cracked tiles, ridge and valley replacement, roofing reappointment, and drainage issues whilst preserving the integrity and aesthetic of your roof.
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Choose from our wide range of impeccable tiling options including the very popular terracotta roof tiles, concrete roof materials as well as roof shingles.
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We at Frontier Roofing can implement the required cleaning, repairing and painting of your residential or commercial property’s roof to ensure a beautiful, and new looking roof.

MEtal & Colorbond Roofs

Increase the market price of your home by giving your roof an immediate facelift. We offer a vast range of colours and styles.

Guttering Repairs & Replacements


Our expert roofing plumber will be able to provide you with the appropriate gutter cleaning services to help you stop your gutters from wearing down over time.

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We have a vast range of colours and styles that include Colorbond and Zincalume, which you can choose from to ensure an exquisite and gorgeous look for your roof.
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Why Choose Us?

Your Roofing Canberra Experts

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We Specialise in Canberra Roof Repairs

Including all roofing materials

We at Frontier Roofing understand that a large portion of the roofing Canberra services that are needed in our community surrounds roofing repairs. Whether your home has been hit by a horrible storm that has broken your roof eaves, all the way to the gradual decay that is all too common from years of your roof being exposed to the elements.

Whether it’s your tile, metal, slate, concrete, wood, aluminium, or asphalt shingle style roofs, our team of expert roofers can fix all roofing repair issues ranging from drainage issues and leaking skylights, roof rusting, damaged roofing sheets and eaves, roofing ridge and valley replacement, all the way to the very common occurrence of damaged roof tiles. Specialising in roof repair means that our emergency repair services are available 24/7.