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About Us

Why Frontier Roofing was started

Over a decade ago Bon saw malpractice in the roofing industry as something that was far too common. Companies without a versatile and comprehensive portfolio, roofers who were unlicensed and uninsured and who tried to conduct cash only payments with little communication.

The forms of malpractice that irked Bon the most however was the high pressure tactics that roofing companies conducted on their customers. Residential or commercial customers who suffered roofing damage due to the weather being forced into signing agreements was something that Bon sought to rectify within the Canberra community.

Our team of roofers are fully licensed and insured, who specialise in a wide array of roofing repairs, restorations, cleaning, guttering, re-roofing, and tile replacement services for any residential or commercial property. Our roofers, having spent more than a decade honing their roofing expertise and knowledge are well equipped to handle any project or repair that is thrust upon them. From determining how to approach a leaking skylight, or whether it’s better to replace or repair a roofing slate, all the way to working with you on what roofing materials would work best in a restoration so you can fully realise the dream aesthetic of your home.

All this is done whereby our projects are met with your specific requirements, delivered on time, and within budget. There are no hidden costs with us!

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What we seek to rectify

Why Choose ABC Roofing?

The way Bon sought to respond to these problems within the roofing industry, (and what Frontier Roofing successfully continues to do to this day), was to provide residential and commercial property owners within the Canberra community with a legitimately reliable and trustworthy roofing repair service. Gone are the days where seemingly professional roofing experts who are uninsured and unlicensed seek to impose high pressure tactics on customers who desperately need quick roofing repairs. We have established ourselves as the number one roofing repair emergency service in the Canberra community.

A roofing team and service you can rely on

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